2 years old!






on november 29, avery turned 2 years old!  we can’t believe we already have a 2 year old!  weighing in at 24 lbs and standing 34 inches in height, she’s healthy, happy, and has been doing really well.  her language and vocabulary have expanded exponentially in the last couple of months.  she sings songs from beginning to end, has full conversations and doesn’t miss a beat.  the other day while we were playing with her baby, i asked her if baby needed a snack.  she replied, “no mommy, baby’s not real!”.  ha!  she loves everything about being in school – her teacher, classmates and even penny the dog.  she’s an absolute joy and keeps us laughing daily!

current favorites:

being around family and friends.  the more people (and pets:), the better!

singing, especially the hello song, abc’s, twinkle twinkle, and sandpiper

dancing.  even when a cell phone rings she stops what she’s doing, throws her hands in the air, and gets in a few dance moves

eating kashi for breakfast and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner

pretend/imaginative play.  she loves ‘shopping’ for groceries in the living room, and ‘looking’ for farm animals in the family room

reading books

music class and vicki the teacher

saying phrases she’s learned in school such as, “upsy daisy maisy maisy”, after dropping something, and “awesome possum” with her 2 thumbs up, when she’s happy about something!

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