18 months old!





{it’s getting tougher (but funnier:) to take these pictures of her with owl…}

on may 29, avery turned 18 months old!  weighing in at 22 lbs 9 0z and measuring 33 inches.  she’s been doing great!  she says a lot of new words, although still prefers to have full ‘conversations’ in baby babble.  she holds hands now, and is still so affectionate – lots of hugs and kisses for family, friends and favorite toys (monkey, water baby and kinley the doll).  it doesn’t take much to make her laugh, these days.  when monkey ‘sings’ and does the arm movements to ‘wheels on the bus’, she belly laughs.  it’s hilarious.  she loves meeting new people, both children and adults.  and she always has lots of looong stories to tell:).

current favorites:

blueberry pancakes for breakfast

using adult utensils.  fork and spoon only.  she does well with them considering they’re too big for her

being outside! there is often heavy protest when we have to go inside for night

laughing. when something’s really funny she covers her mouth w/ both hands, scrunches her face, and then slaps her knees (such a character!)

water.  especially loves playing with her water table in the backyard, and swimming in pools

pets, farm animals and wildlife – she loves them all! especially dogs and birds

riding around the neighborhood in her pink car, honking her horn and waving at cars, people, birds, chipmunks, etc

singing songs, especially ‘the wheels on the bus’ and ‘itsy bitsy spider’

dancing.  the girls got rhythm!

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