15 months old!





on feb 28/mar 1, avery turned 15 months old!  weighing in at 20 lbs, 2 oz and measuring 30 inches in length.  she’s currently getting in 3 molars and 1 other tooth!  she continues to have long babbling conversations, while using her hands and pointing her finger to make sure we’re not only paying attention, but also that we understand what it is that she’s saying. (her babble has such conviction!).  in between walking and running around, ‘talking’ and playing, she’s still being affectionate and snugly.  during ‘book babies’ at the library and while in music class, she’ll often find an older girl of 3 or 4 that she decides she’s going to be friends with, and ‘talks’ to and hugs that little girl.  it’s very cute.  she’s always making us (and herself:) laugh!

current favorites:
oatmeal for breakfast
saturday morning swim class with dad
playing hide and seek, peek-a-boo, and being chased
‘talking’ on the phone.  both cell and home phone – she has no preference
taking classes and having play dates with her friends
‘helping’ with everything! pressing the on/off buttons on the espresso machine, toaster, washing machine and dryer. unpacking bags, unfolding laundry!

4 thoughts on “15 months old!

  1. The owl pillow is shrinking by the month! She is so full of expression and her eyes tell a story all by themselves.

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