11 months old!

on october 29 avery turned 11 months old. the biggest news is that she’s walking! and when she needs to cover ground quickly, she breaks into a run (yikes!)! she’s gotten really good at turning while maintaining her balance, and also bending over to pick up objects off the floor – often 1 thing with her left hand, and another thing with her right. and she’s more affectionate than ever before. she not only gives hugs with both of her arms, but now squeezes as well – so it’s a real hug. in addition to hugging us, she’s also been hugging her friends, their moms, her music teacher, and even children she doesn’t know at the library. and the other day at the playground she, ahem, kissed george. she’s a little young for an intervention, but I’m keeping my eye on her…

current favorite things:

walking (apologies for being repetitive, but it also has to go in “current favorite things”)
music together class (and teacher, vicki!)
swinging on the swings at the playground
taking baths in the big tub (no more bath seat)
sautéed swiss chard (not kidding)
going out to lunch at linden store. she’s almost famous there at this point!

5 thoughts on “11 months old!

  1. She is so beautiful! You must be curling those eyelashes!!! I love her fancy green chair too:) What a great age she is at! Treasure every moment…you blink and they’re 8:( keep sending

    • Thank you, Lori! It already feels like it’s going by so fast. I can’t believe she’s almost 1! Thanks for the advice, and we really are enjoying all of it. I hope all of you have been well. Would love to see pictures of the kids:). xo

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