10 months old!


on september 29, avery turned 10 months old!  she’s growing out of everything!  she’s no longer in the infant car seat, and has moved into a convertible one.  she outgrew her infant tub and has been taking baths in a bath seat in the bathtub.  and all of her cloths are now 12 months.  she’s been babbling and singing a lot.  and of course wants to walk everywhere, with someone holding her hands.  we got her a push toy that she can hold onto while walking, and she loves it.  she ‘talks’ and laughs while pushing it down the hall.  so funny!

current favorite things:
eating!  her favorite dinner so far was sauteed garlic/onions, spinach, mushrooms and chicken
drinking smoothies from a cup w/ straw (fruits/veggies/yogurt that we put in the blender)
taking anything that’s on a shelf or in a drawer, off the shelf and out of the drawer (fun times)
smiling and making her “scrunchie face” (see picture 2)
waving.  sometimes w/ one hand and sometimes w/ two.  and not only at people, but at animals and objects like cars driving by.  (the strangers driving these cars love this.  she got her first honk the other day.  hilarious!)

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