9 months old!


on august 29, avery turned 9 months old!  weighing in at 16lbs, 14 oz and measuring 27 in long, she’s healthy and happy!  she’s moving into 12-month cloths, her 2 bottom teeth have come in almost all the way, and her hair seems to get longer every day.  she continues to walk everywhere, as long as someone is holding her hands.  she loves being  out and about – restaurants (thank god!), shops, farmers market, walking trails, etc.  she loves seeing her friends as much as she loves meeting new people.  so far she hasn’t shown signs of ‘stranger danger’, and she likes having our family and friends hold her and help her walk.  she’s been very snuggly lately and not just with us, but with other people, as well.  so cute!

current favorite things:

dogs.  I think.  sometimes she’s so excited and interested, other times she’s a bit more hesitant.

belly laughing.  one of the best sounds in the world.

dancing in place.  she’ll often pause during a walk and do a little dance. hilarious.

smiling and making her ‘scrunchie face’.  see picture #2.

snuggling and giving kisses. this is of course, one of our current favorite things as well.

5 thoughts on “9 months old!

  1. Avery,You are sooooooooo precious. I enjoyed spending time with you yesterday. So big……………so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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