8 months old!



on july 29, avery turned 8 months old!  so many updates since 7 months, but first things first:  her hair is finally ‘long’ enough for barrettes and bows! so of course she’s had one or the other in her hair every day ever since:).  her 2 front bottom teeth are coming in.  we thought we’d miss her toothless smile and laugh, but they’re just as adorable with little teeth.  she’s getting so big!  probably just a few more weeks in her 9 months cloths, and then she’ll move into the next size up.  she’s been eating more food.  and now that she can pick up finger foods and eat them on her own, she prefers that to purees.  she’s more verbal then ever before.  lots of laughing, shrieking and babbling , as well as some  mamama’s and dadada’s.  no interest in crawling and we don’t think she’ll gain any at this point because she’s far more interested in walking!  she supports all of her own weight, and puts 1 foot in front of the other, just needing help with balance.  and she’s pretty quick – walking laps around the kitchen island and down the hallway, while talking, laughing and shrieking!  she’ll often pause her walking to do a little dance, and then continue on her walk.  it’s hilarious!

current favorite things:

having her hair done.  she smiles and laughs at herself in the mirror while I brush her hair, and place her bow or barrette

having daddy come home from work.  she often shrieks or gasps when she sees him.  and she loves being on the porch when he drives in (we’re working on her wave:)

‘walking’, ‘talking’, babbling, laughing, smiling and yelling

eating finger foods by herself, especially chopped peaches, blueberries and mangoes

playing with her friends!


3 thoughts on “8 months old!

  1. OMG…………..gotta love that purple bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just too cute. And getting sooooooo big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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