7 months old!


avery turned 7 months old today!  we won’t have an official weight/height update until her 9 month appt, but according to the bathroom scale she’s almost 16 lbs.  she’s been laughing and talking more then ever!  and has been sitting up on her own without support since right after turning 6 months old.  she’s very proud of this:-).  she’s also been staying up for longer periods of time during the day in between naps, which is so much fun – more time to do more things!  she loves being outside and enjoys the warm weather.  and it appears she’d prefer to skip crawling and go right to walking.  she loves to stand and will support her own weight, but needs help w/ balance.  and she wants to move forward while doing this!  she’s happy, smiley, talkative and funny.  such a love!

current favorite things:

water!  she cannot get enough.  she loves to bathe in it, ‘swim’ in it, drink it, and lick it off of her bath toys.  she even sticks her tongue out when we’re wiping her face w/ a wet wash cloth because she knows that there’s water in there, too!

drinking from her new cup that has a straw

music together class – summer session (which means I have even more children’s music on my laptop, iPhone and iTunes:-)

standing and dancing and talking – all at the same time.  she’s already a multi-tasker!

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