6 months old, happy half birthday!



happy half birthday, avery!!  on may 29, she turned 6 months old. weighing in at 14lbs, 5 oz and measuring 24 1/2 inches long.  she’s just entered the exciting world of solid foods!  some days she’s more interested in playing w/ her food (avocado everywhere!), then in eating it. but overall it’s been going well.  she’s constantly using her voice to ‘talk’, and she smiles and laughs when we sing (apparently and thankfully, voice quality is a non-issue for her..).  she enjoys being out and about, going to new places and seeing people.  she loves standing with support, while talking loudly – to make sure everyone around her can see that she’s ‘standing’:-).  she’s so much fun to be around and is a constant source of entertainment!

current favorite things:

the beach!  we put her tiny feet in the sand and in the ocean and she loved it

hanging out in our back yard, and rolling around on emma’s quilt, w/ her toys

her feet!  so close to being able to get them in her mouth.  it’s hilarious to watch

tags. as in the tag on a stuffed toy, her lovie blanket, a bib, etc. often it’s the littlest things that amuse her the longest…

taking naps.  she’s her father’s daughter:-)

having her face kissed.  she just closes her eyes, smiles and takes it.  it’s adorable.  (and i mean, what choice does she have anyway, right?!)


4 thoughts on “6 months old, happy half birthday!

  1. What a difference in her from the first pic on the chair with the owl pillow to this one. Her little personality is so cute and love her smiles………….

  2. Avery is really taller than the owl now. I think last month’s pics, she was about as tall as his ear!!!!!!!!!!! But…………..she is more beautiful than ever and love the outfit.

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