5 months old!

on april 29, avery turned 5 months old!  there will be an official height/weight update next month.  in the meantime, according to our bathroom scale she’s almost 14 lbs.  the biggest news by far is that she’s sleeping at night!  she goes down at 7pm and wakes up between 6-7am.  it’s lovely for all involved:-).  she’s getting better at sitting up and is close to being able to do so by herself.  she really enjoys being outside and loves stroller rides, walks in the carrier and the swings at the park.  she’s also interacting more with her little baby friends at her classes and playgroup.  and her fascination continues with the ‘big’ kids she sees when we’re out and about.  she’s happy, active, ‘talkative’ and silly.  such a little bundle of joy!


current favorite things:


taking a bath!  she loves having water poured over her little hands, and loves having her hair shampooed


playing ‘under my umbrella’ with a parachute


songs from her ‘music together’ cd.  (yes, I now have children’s music on my iphone and in my itunes…


sleeping at night (of course this is a current favorite for alex and i as well!)!!

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