4 months old!


on march 29, (auntie julie’s birthday:-), avery turned 4 months old!  weighing in at 12lbs,15oz and measuring 24 inches long, she’s more then doubled her weight and grown 5 inches since birth.  (amazing that a baby can double their weight and grow 5 inches in 4 months!).  her little legs have gotten chunkier, and her hair has gotten a little longer.  and we didn’t think it was possible, but she’s becoming even more fun!  she’s so alert and active when she’s awake, and interested in everything that goes on around her.  she laughs and ‘talks’ when we sing songs and make funny faces.  we’ve been practicing her tripod sitting, and can tell she’s eager to sit up on her own.  she loves exploring new toys and books, and has a tight grip on everything she’s able to reach for and grab on to.  and she’s so close to rolling over.  yikes!

current favorite things:

sophie the giraffe is definitely the current favorite toy, especially now that avery can get the ENTIRE face of sophie in her mouth

her feet!  she’s been barefoot on some of these warm days, and loves it

stroller rides!  she loves checking out all of the bigger kids in the neighborhood

music together class! to say it’s an interesting 45 minutes is an understatement. (steph, every time I think of the teacher playing her ‘wall piano’, I crack up all over again!)

facing out when being held, or while in the baby carrier.  she wants to see the world!


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