3 months old!


avery’s 3 months old today!  we’re not sure what she weighs because there is no 3-mnth pediatrician appt.  stay tuned for weight/height update next month.  she’s definitely gotten bigger!  she’s recently grown out of nearly all of her 0-3 mnths cloths, and has begun wearing 3-6 mths.  she’s become so much more awake and active, and has figured out how to combine using her voice w/ her lungs to yell, laugh and talk loudly.  once she starts talking, she goes on and on, and loves having little conversations with people (alex thinks she takes after me.  very funny, alex:-).  she’s learning more about how to open and close her hands, and has been reaching and holding onto more of her toys. she’s outgrown her moses basket and now sleeps in her crib.  and I hesitate to put this in writing, but she has been sleeping more (knock on wood) at night, which of course, we find far more exciting then she does!

current favorite things:

toys: winkle ball and o-ball.  and starting to really dig sophie the giraffe 

having one-on-one “conversations” with people, while smiling

having her “hair” brushed

talking into the mirror



2 thoughts on “3 months old!

  1. well it sounds like she’s been busy !!!!!!!love the ‘green’ chair & cute one piece. only 22 more days till we meet Avery….cant wait 🙂

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