2 months old!


on january 29, avery turned 2 months old!  currently weighing in at 10 lbs, 3 oz (a 4 lb 3 oz weight gain since birth!).  she’s developing her little personality and has been smiling, “talking”, and making faces that have us both laughing on a daily basis.  her little hands are starting to hold onto things, like our fingers and my hair.  and in the past 2 weeks she grew eyelashes!  we no longer have to wake her after 4 hours to eat, (which was/is a rare event anyway.  she usually wakes up after only 3 hrs).  so she can now sleep for as long as she’d like.  did you hear that avery, you little cutie?  you can sleep for as loooooong as you’d like!  we’ve been trying to tell her that being up at 3 am is overrated.  unless of course you’re in college.  so far, we haven’t been able to convince her of this.  stay tuned…

more of her favorite things:

music: adele and her sleep sheep

activity/toy: flash card animal mobile that hangs above her changing table.  she’s currently really loving the pig

personal hygiene task: having her head shampooed.  already taking after mom

sleep position: with her arms above her head. even when swaddled, the arms must be out of the swaddle and above her head!




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